Tenacity AS is a business consultancy firm founded by Olav Stadaas. We help unlock the full potential of your business.

We are known in our market as a leading company that efficiently and professionally executes restructuring and growth strategies of small and medium-sized businesses.

Our customers are primarily owners, investors and management in need of restructuring of underperforming assets.

·      we offer an evaluation based on a fixed day rate for initial stages

·      we follow up to ensure clients meet their goals

Our partners are in sectors of competence complementary to TENACITY. We believe partners bring efficiency and make sure we have the right competence to deal with client challenges.

We approach as a team, providing thorough analysis and review with management and owners. We find the executables and release the full potential of your business, making a measurable plan with clear goals, following each case to the end.

how we work

We guide you through these key stages to help create a clear action plan and way forward.

1 - analyse

Each project starts with a thorough analysis of the actual company and we define a clear description of the case. This stage includes: interviewing key resources inside and outside the company; analysis of internal and external boundaries; looking through accounting papers and historical data, and then benchmarking this information up against similar businesses; identifying areas for improvement and defining clear targets for the project.

2 - implement

We develop a detailed plan with clear targets, milestones and share of responsibility. We do this in close cooperation with you and your major stakeholders and key resources in the company. This helps us secure ownership and a successful outcome of the project.

3 - adjust

When the plan is established, it is all about execution. We at Tenacity don’t want to just deliver analysis and plans, we want to be a part of the implementation as well.  Close follow-up on key personnel, frequent and transparent reporting and fast correction of direction if needed.

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