What we do


We analyse your company thoroughly so that we get to know who you are, what you do, how things are currently done and ways we can improve.


We don’t just analyse, we implement as well. We develop a detailed plan with clear targets, milestones and share of responsibility where all key stakeholders are involved.


Close follow-up on key personnel, frequent and transparent reporting and fast correction of direction if needed.

Tenacity is setting a goal so big you can’t possibly achieve it then growing into a business who can.


We are known in our market as a leading company that efficiently and professionally executes restructuring and growth strategies for small and medium sized businesses. Our customers are primarily owners, investors and managers in need of help with underperforming assets.


  • offer an evaluation based on a fixed day rate for initial stages
  • follow up to ensure clients meet their goals


We approach your business as a team, analysing and reviewing your current situation with all key stakeholders involved. What we do best is find the executables and help you release the full potential of your business. We make a measurable plan with clear goals and we follow your case to the end.

Tenacity means never giving up. It’s a big sign that says “DON’T QUIT”, which means we keep on moving and find ways to adjust, improve and excel along the way.


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